Nayia Hatira was born and raised in Greece. She studied Fine Arts and Art Sciences (University of Northern and western Greece) and Graphic Design (National technological Institute of Athens). In 2015 she took her MSc degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia from Hellenic Open University.

The first fashion designing steps begun with Rococo company for which she worked for from 2007-10, as a designer in the section of women’s apparel and accessories . At the same time she took part in Courses for creation of silver handmade jewelry at the Hellenic American Educational Foundation (Psychico College of Athens) and she launched her first own line of silver jewelry and accessories. She started her passion-journey of a personal brand in 2011. As of 2013 she has been running her own brand of apparel, jewelry and swimwear. She launched an elegant swimwear collection in 2016, known as “SWIM ROW”, placing emphasis on the touch of the fabric on the female body. Embracing quality and fit on the basis of the simplicity of form she gave her designs her own exceptional style. The purpose of design is a feminine line that defines women’s style and personality, bridging high quality with comfort feeling.

She worked with Cube Gallery (Patras City of western Greece) as an external partner providing them with unique jewelry designed each time under a specific concept. The last years she has also joined as a fashion editor in the TRIP magazine published in Patras city of Greece.

Her designing inspiration stems from the world around us and her instinct of creation is conceptualized from the thought that “anything can trigger it..a picture, a sound, even a word..”